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Use Case: Deduplicated Cloud only storage

Nimbus Admin
2018-07-12 03:46

In this use case, the Nimbus SG will be used only to transfer files to remote cloud storage.  The local storage is only used as a cache, and will be cleared as soon as the data is committied to one or more remote/cloud storage locations.

This configuration is useful when you only need a means to efficiently transfer your data to cloud storage.  The Nimbus SG will automatically reduce your costs for cloud storage by its incredibly powerful inline compression and global deduplication technology.  This means that your usage of cloud storage will be reduced significantly, saving you time and money.

To start, you will need to define some local (primary) storage for your Nimbus SG.  This storage will be used as a temporary holding area of all data copied to the Nimbus SG share, while it is being synced to our cloud storage.

For this use case, as soon as your data has been synced to your remote storage sites, the Nimbus will automatically purge the local data, freeing storage for future use.

To do this is quite simple: just adjust to your "Local Data Cache" option to a high value (upt to 100%) in your Settings/System/Cloud Sync Settings.


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