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Installing Nimbus on Raspberry Pi

Nimbus Admin
2018-07-12 03:46

Installing Nimbus on your Raspberry Pi is as simple as, well pie.  You just download the image, extract it, and write it to your SD card.  If you've ever worked with an rpi before, the process will be very familiar.

Please Note:
Installing the Nimbus Gateway image on your rPi will convert it to a dedicated storage appliance. 

Installation Steps:
1. Download & Extract the Nimbus rPi Image
2. Write the .img file to your SD Card to use in your rPi
3. Configure your network and storage settings
4. Complete the Wizard to configure storage

Useful tips:
Configuring your networking setting is best done with a keyboard & monitor connected to your rPi. Alternatively, if you are connected via Ethernet, Nimbus will use DHCP by default, so you may SSH in to the console that way.

Default Console Login:
Username: admin
Password: nimbus

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