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Configuring Auto-Sync

Nimbus Admin
2018-07-12 03:46
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By default, any additional (ie. non-Primary) storage sites you add will not automatically synchronize your files and data. This ensures nothing will be transferred without you explicit choosing to.
However, in most cases, you probably want to have your data automatically synchronized to your other storage(s). Fortunately, this is very simple to accomplish. Data synchronization can be setup to include/exclude folders recursively for anything stored on the Nimbus share. Furthermore, if you have more than 1 additional storage location configured, you can setup a single, global set of rules, or configure auto-sync options on an individual basis for each site.

Configuring Auto-sync options
From the settings->System->Cloud Sync Settings page, you will see two text areas for Includes and Excludes. These two areas allow you to define folders that will be (recursively) included, or excluded.

So, for example, to auto-sync all files and sub-folders placed on your share, simply enter “/” in the Include path. Additionally, if you wanted to skip everything in the path “/never sync/” you could just add that to the “Exclude” list.

Please note the following rules:

  • All paths entered in either field will be matched recursively.
  • Excludes will override Includes
  • Local rules (to the site) override Global rules

So, with these simple rules you can select what to automatically synchronize, and what to skip, for any or all sites defined.

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