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Use Case: Hyper-V backup

Nimbus Admin
2018-07-11 16:09

You can use the Nimbus SG to efficiently store your Hyper-v backups with global deduplication, and encryption enabled automatically.

Instead of paying for an unnecassary, over-priced solution like Altaro, Veeam, Unitrends, or Alike, you can simply perform Hyper-v "exports" directly to your Nimbus SG with the following steps:

1. Checkpoint your VM from the Microsoft Hyper-V manager

2. Export your checkpoint to the Nimbus SG share.

That's it!  Your Hyper-VM virtual machine has now been saved to your Nimbus SG.

To restore your VM, you simply perform an "Import" operation on the desired backup:

1. In the Hyper-v manager, select import virtual machine:

2. Navigate to the location of the version you would like to restore (from the Nimbus SG share)

 Once this is complete, you will have completely recovered your VM from the exact point in time that your original export was taken.


Alternatively, you can use the following powershell script example to automate your Hyper-V VM Backups:

$vm = "Your VM Name"
$ts = Get-Date -UFormat %m-%d-%y_%H-%m
$cp = "Temp_Nimbus_CP_$ts"
$path = "\\<your Nimbus SG>\Share\HyperV_Backups\$vm\$ts\"
Checkpoint-VM -Name $vm -SnapshotName $cp
Export-VMSnapshot -Name $cp -VMName $vm -Path $path
Get-VM $vm | Remove-VMSnapshot -Name $cp 

Running the scriptlet above will snapshot, then export your VM directly to your Nimbus SG.  Each snapshot will be given it's own folder name (with the date), so you can keep as many as you like.  Of course, thanks to the Nimbus SG global deduplication, you can store many more backups than you would be able to on "vanilla" storage.

This technique will provide you complete protection for Microsoft Hyper-v, at zero additional cost, and will compress your backups saving additional amounts in storage and time.

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