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Use Case: Deduplicated NAS

Nimbus Admin
2018-07-11 05:54

The simplest possible use for Nimbus SG is as an inline, deduplicating NAS storage device.

In this setup, the Nimbus will automatically deduplicate (and optionally encrypt) all data stored to it.  It can be used just like any other network storage, but will provide significant storage savings, security, and potentially even read performance benfits.

In this use case, you would simply configure the Nimbus SG to utilize whatever backend storate you like (local, CIFS, NFS, etc).  Then, you point your client systems to use the \\<nimbus sg>\\Share directory for any and all storage requirements.

Any files save to that share will automatically be (globally) deduplicated, and saved to your defined backend storage location.  This can yield an enormous storage savings, as well as automatically encrypt your data with military grade AES-256 encryption.

As a side benefit, the Nimbus SG provides a caching layer to your NAS storage, so depending on your data access patterns and the size of your cache settings, the Nimbus SG can provide a minor to massive performance boost when reading your data.

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