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Configure OpenStack Cinder backups with cloud storage using Nimbus Gateway

Nimbus Admin
2018-07-02 18:22

One of the most powerful features of Nimbus SG is the ability to synchronize your data to one, or more, cloud storage targets. On top of that, all data is automatically and seamlessly globally deduplicated, compressed, and encrypted providing you with effortless, powerful protection.

Because of its flexibility, the Nimbus can be added to many common situations as a simple plugin to provide site-level disaster protection. One excellent example is to enhance OpenStack’s Cinder backups. Cinder is OpenStack’s block storage component, powering countless cloud infrastructures. Cinder itself has an API to take snapshots and export these point in time snapshots to external storage, or tape. However, by sending your Cinder backups directly to CloudRay SG NFS or SMB/CIFS share, you can instantly gain the following benefits for all your backups:

  • Global Deduplication

    Everything stored on your Nimbus is automatically deduplicated inline as it is transferred. This allows you to store multiple copies of your backups while consuming the absolute minimum storage.

  • Automatic Compression

    In addition to the powerful benefits of global data deduplication, everything stored on your Nimbus is also compressed inline with powerful, high performance stream compression.

  • Military Grade Encryption

    Lastly, all data stored on your Nimbus is encrypted inline, in transit, and at rest. You can rest easy knowing your data is protected at all times.

  • Local and Cloud Storage

    Keep backups on local storage, one cloud storage platform, or many. Nimbus supports replicating your data to as many public/private clouds as you like

Saves Money:
Massively reduce I/O and bandwidth usage with your cloud storage. Public clouds (Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, BackBlaze B2, etc) all charge based on the amount of data stored, data transferred in/out of the cloud, as well as various “transactions”.

Insane data compression reduces storage “footprint” on your public cloud storage. Again, since you are charge by the GB stored in the cloud, Nimbus can slash the amount of actual data stored by up to 90%.

All of these benefits are provided seamlessly without compromising performance. Data transfers are performed at wire/disk speed, and often much faster, thanks to the deduplication and flexibly memory caching options.

Cinder ==> NAS Storage
Cinder ==> Nimbus ==> NAS Storage

Steps to Configure Cinder with Nimbus

  1. Setup your preferred cloud storage in your Nimbus
  2. Configure your Nimbus synchronization settings to send your backups to one or more clouds
  3. Edit your cinder.conf (usually in /etc/cinder/)
  4. Add the following lines (with your specific settings) to the cinder.conf:

    Using NFS

    backup_share=[Your CRSG IP]:/export/share/

    Note: If you would like to use SMB3, you should add a mount to the Nimbus from the Cinder system(s), and add the backup path to your cinder.conf

    //[Your Nimbus IP]/Share/

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