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Getting Started Walk-through

2018-07-12 03:47
Although we try our best to make Nimbus SG as simple to use as possible, a quick tour can always help.

This guide assumes you have successfully imported/installed/cloned your Nimbus based on your platform. If you’ve not gotten to this point, please follow the steps in the appropriate guide for your platform:

Initial installation of Nimbus Gateway:

  • Raspberry pi
  • Virtual Machine Installation (Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare/ESXi, Proxmox, VirtualBox, etc)
  • Bare Metal (Physical) Systems

Once you have your Nimbus up and running, the first thing you should do is hop on the console screen for a few basic configuration options:

Nimbus Console

The first thing you may wish to do is configure your networking/IP informaiton for your Nimbus gateway.  To do this, simply choose option 1, and follow the prompts.   By default, the Nimbus Gateway will use DHCP to acquire an IP address, but you can statically assign an address as needed.

The next important step to take is to check for software updates, to make sure you are running on the latest stable version of the Nimbus Storage Gateway.

After these inital steps, you can move to your web browser to complete your initial configuration, and choose your primary storage.

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