Free storage?

Almost, but not quite.
The Nimbus Cloud Gateway is an amazingly flexible, free storage device that offers inline global deduplication, and cloud sync to almost anywhere.

Get it now

Run anywhere*

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Citrix XenServer/XCP-ng
  • VMWare/ESXi
  • Microsoft Hyper-v
  • KVM
  • VirtualBox
  • Or, install on bare-metal!

Store Local

  • Locally Attached Disks
  • SMB/CIFS Shares
  • GlusterFS Shares
  • NFS Shares
  • SSH Shares

*Almost anywhere, but not quite. I mean, no it can't run on your smart fridge, toaster, or Commadore 64, but does the world really need that?


How's it work, in a nutshell?

Step 1, store stuff
Simply point your Nimbus at your preferred storage (a local drive, NAS, etc), and start it up. Now, anything you copy to your Nimbus' network share will be transparently deduplicated, compressed and encrypted inline, and saved on your configured storage. It acts just like a NAS, allowing you to copy, edit, and move your files normally. All its power is under the hood, and invisible to the eye.

Step 2, sync to the cloud (optional)
Once you have stuff on your Nimbus share, you can choose to sync your stuff to one, or more, cloud storage providers. You can do this manually, or you can configure some folders to automatically sync whenever data is added or changed.

Wait, is this really free?
Yep, it's free. Of course you need to pay for your storage, both locally and cloudy, but the Nimbus is free.

So how do you pay for this site, and fund development?
Well, I rely on the kindness of strangers. Tips and donations keep me going. If you value the Nimbus, a donation of any amount is greatly appreciated!

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